I have always wanted to do TF2 stuff so here it is :D if you want to see more + me actually talking let me know :3! Hope you enjoy, Lord_HoboJo! Rebloging would be great and would make me very happy :3 ha ha ha

Class Time = TF2 Drawings!

Class Time = TF2 Drawings!

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!!!

I will getting back from #ThanksGiving Shananagins on Saturday so I will be able to record a video Sunday but it might not be my usual show!

Shananagins Of Steam :3

So I open up steam when I get home and then I leave, but when I get back….something had changed. I had like 5 messages saying I need to update and that I can see my inventory of me and others in games such as Spiral Knights and TF2. *Extremely Excited Face IT’S SOOO COOOL  because now you can trade with your friends with ease because you can just look up what you want and the other person can look up your stuff as well!!! Lol boy I love me some shananagins