My Minecraft Story

This is a email that I sent to 2PProductions!!! They asked for a story of how Minecraft changed your life and email it in, here is mine…just cause.

When I first got the game known as Minecraft last year during v1.2.1_01 I began playing a game that has changed my life so much. Minecraft was really the first game that got me into major gaming PC and Console and when I first played the game I was completely wowed by the simplicity of the graphics and yet it was so amazing how big the land spaces could be along with the cows and the derpy pigs ha ha ha. But anyway when I made my first world I had no idea what I should do so I just messed around and ended up making a shelter. Later I left my little dug in house unknowing of the dangers that would face me and I was killed!! When trying to get back to my house I was blown away literally by a creeper which at the time I HAD NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS so I freaked out and ran for my life I had no idea what was happening but its fun to tell my friends about that every time, that basically sums up the beginning of Minecraft for me. As I moved along I ended up going to multiplayer servers run by Mr. Man (which got me even more hooked) who makes Minecraft PSA’s, playing with friends and people I met through the game. Now I make my own videos and I love doing it I haven’t gotten much attention but as long as I am having fun who really cares. So that is just a little summery of the story of how Minecraft has changed my life and when I mean little I mean there is a lot more to this story but I don’t want it to be to long!